Something just 4 you

Hello Scrappin Scraperz,
I know that I said I had something for you all to see; and here it is this is the New Scrapin2012 page. A one stop shop you can see all of my post. Check out what events are happening. Leaven me a message or comment and even place your orders with me. I told you that I’m here for you and here I am, can’t wait to make all your memories come to life…


Scrapin Service

Hello Scrapin Scraperz, I’m offering to create scrapbook’s or pages for people who are too busy to do it yourselves…the page set at 3 page minimum (that’s only if you want me to do pages and not a book). The Holidays are here, the little ones are doing things that you never thought they could or would. Let’s make them life long memories for generations to come 🙂 You can start small with a Sport page, (something that your kids are in), 1st day (year) of school, graduation page, Hey Thanksgiving just past if you took pic’s which I know you did we can start with that. This is not hard if you are close or far you can e-mail me the pic’s. I can meet with you by Skype or in person to talk about the Layouts. you can find me on Skype using Scrapin2012 I’ll see you there! It depends on what you want but, a basic layout fee (just for pages) are $10.00 per pg.