Monthly/weekly Spread

Hey hey hey,

So I don’t know if you all remember me saying that I was having some issues with my post getting out. Well here you have it I thought that this went out so long ago and I come over to check my post and see that this was still sitting in the queue waiting to go out.

This is one of those UGHHHH moments any-who I decided to go on and put the post out even tho it’s super late….




Feb. Monthly Spread


Here’s a look at February Monthly layout.  Things were pretty busy for the month we had lots going on. The hubby & I took a little mini get away for Valentines day up 2 the mountains.

I still at this point need to but my planner together (meaning I didn’t quit set it up) Set-up will come later no worries…. I hope you N-joied the spread!


As Always Scrap Craft Plan & Laugh 🙂

Recollection Zipper Planner

YESSSSSS!!! I brought her home @ 5:53pm on June 13, 2017 I’m so very happy that I saw that posted and then checked it out 4 myself. #SCRAPIN2012 #PLANNERHAPPINESS #PLANNERLIFE #RECOLLECTIONZIPPERPLANNER