Mini Happy Planner

Hello Planner Peeps,
The Mini is in the house & I’m loving it. So we are in out 2nd week of 2017….have you picked up your planner/planners yet. I have>>> and I ran out the other day and picked up the mini that I just thought no way I could use it (it’s way 2 small).
With that I’m now 4 Planners in YES I said (4) only 3 of them are in rotation at the moment. they all have a purpose and yes they all get my LUV and attention… So here’s a look see into my mini planner
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As Always Scrap Craft Plan & Laugh 🙂


Good Morning to All,

Did you know that today is National Sticker Day!!!! 🙂

Oh Yay Oh Yay so what store do you think is going to honor the National Sticker day?

So that we can either get something for FREE or at a awesome discount ( I would love 4 it 2 be FREE) but we’ll see what happens.

OKAY Have a great Happy Friday 🙂

As Always Scrap Craft Plan & Laugh 🙂  🙂  🙂



Happy Planner 2017

Happy New All,

Welcome to the new year. So last year I was thinking what kind of planner I was going to use for the coming year (2017). I like to write down what happened that day (journaling)… not all the time but I do. Anywho I was thinking I want to get the larger planner, I would like one with lines, I want one that doesn’t have the dates…there’s so many what will I do?

Okay so in the upcoming days and weeks I will show you guys and galz what I picked up what I’m  going to be using for my planner in 2017 do I have it all together yet of course not but it will be an awesome journey so I hope you’ll stick aroud.


Happy New Year 2017

Hello to you ALL,

I hope that you’r 2017 has started off wonderful that you have a plan for the year!

I bought the year with family as I love 2 do… it was great (although I was a little under the weather) We made. 2016 was a very hard, rough, and trying for my and y family. I’m thanking GOD for the bumps and the bruises but I would like to get through this year with a little less mess (if you know what I mean).

Any-who the year has already giving us a BIG change that I hope will benefit us as well as others. This is out daughter last year of high school & on to college weeeh then there was 1

I hope to bring some awesome things to you this year with hope that you will also share and tag me #SCRAPIN2012….that’s all for now & HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂