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Hello Planners’

So I’m back with another #planner #spread/layout from a few weeks ago. I’m still trying to get caught up. The site is not cor-operate with me it doesn’t want me to upload my past #PlannerSpreads  I guess But, I don;t care I’ going to do whatever I have to do to get the up for you all. I know that the weeks have pasted and there’s no need to look back to the past>>> but when you decorate the past why not stop to reflect 🙂 I can’t remember where I got the FREE printable s (sorry)

As Always Scrap Plan Craft & Laugh 🙂


Planner Pens

Hey hey hey Planner Peeps;

How are you and Happy Sunday??? I hope that you are well and off to a great week. I’m here because I need to vent really quick! I have tons of pens always have I enjoy writing and doodling, with that being said I’ve had my eye on the Happy Planner pens  I want to buy them (the cost is not a problem).  I’m not sure how they write and I don’t want to buy them and not use them because I know that I’m not going to take them back to the store. I just think it would take more of my time and gas to take them back then what I’m going to pay for them after using the coupon (& there’s coupons 4 gas) LOL 🙂

So with all of that I have googled and searched and look at videos and no 1 not 1 person has a video about these dang pens>>> not that I have been able to bring up. So I’m so MAD right now 😦 I really would like to see a review on the pens before I waste my time and go and buy them. YES I know that what someone else says about the penss is their opion about them but at least I could see how they write.



As Always Scrap Plan craft & Laugh 🙂

Planner Spread/Layout


Howdy planner Glaz;

Hows it going the week has stared? Here’s another look into my past #plannerspreads #plannerlayouts from my (#scrapin2012) #Happyplanner. So I used scrapbook papper in this #plannerlayout from a paper pad that I bought from Hobby Lobby by The Paper Studio a few years ago. The rose and flower at the bottom of the page are from Michael’s by Recollection. The stickers that are use during the week are from MAMBI collection. The little cute flowers at the top in between the dates are from a dollar book from the Michael’s. I’m using the paper Mate gel Pens to do the color coding with-in the page. Okay I think that’s it for this #spread #layout.

As Always Scrap Plan Craft & Laugh 🙂

Planner Life

Hello Planner Peeps;

Happy Hump Day so how’s it going?________________ Hummm Okay

Well I guess I’ll get to the point of todays post, still playing caught up with past post. I hope that you guys are OK with this but I didn’t want to miss any weeks if I could help it. So I had the post written out and ready to post but something is go so VERY wrong with my site. Cause you know I had the post typed and ready to publish and guess what it never did.

…… So while I’m sitting back thinking that my post went out OHHHH to my surprise no it’s still sitting waiting for WHO KNOW”S WHAT!!!! 😦 O—well here is the next #plannerspread #plannerlayout in my #happyplanner

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