Hello All; 

How’s it going not so awesome for me today I’m having a funky kinda day and I’ not very happy about that I mean my week wasn’t that wonderful but I made it 2 today. I have to go to work which seems like closing my store has been going on a lot these past Fridays like I don’t have a life I want to have a weekend Life. I guess that’s just the way it is NO I DON’T WANT TO HERE BE GRATEFUL YOU HAVE A JOB everyone needs a weekend off or a friday to pretend that you are having a weekend off or a Life for that matter. Gratefulness is not the issue be fair in the workplace is. 

Okay enough about that I guess I will get over that soon….. but I need to shake this feeling because that I really don’t LIKE! Maybe i need a girls night out or a lunch with the ladies something to kick this mood ANY SUGGESTIONS????? 

Well I have to go need to get the house clean and wash the clothes before i head out to work Chat with you soon (grammar/punctuations all that is out the window right now)  😛

Thnx 4 listening/reading 🙂