Hello All; 

How’s it going not so awesome for me today I’m having a funky kinda day and I’ not very happy about that I mean my week wasn’t that wonderful but I made it 2 today. I have to go to work which seems like closing my store has been going on a lot these past Fridays like I don’t have a life I want to have a weekend Life. I guess that’s just the way it is NO I DON’T WANT TO HERE BE GRATEFUL YOU HAVE A JOB everyone needs a weekend off or a friday to pretend that you are having a weekend off or a Life for that matter. Gratefulness is not the issue be fair in the workplace is. 

Okay enough about that I guess I will get over that soon….. but I need to shake this feeling because that I really don’t LIKE! Maybe i need a girls night out or a lunch with the ladies something to kick this mood ANY SUGGESTIONS????? 

Well I have to go need to get the house clean and wash the clothes before i head out to work Chat with you soon (grammar/punctuations all that is out the window right now)  😛

Thnx 4 listening/reading 🙂 


Weekly Spread 11th-17th

July 3rd week.jpg

Good Day Planner Lover’z

How you doin? As is well in the Hines house. We have senior pictures this week (happy for our child BUT not happy that school crap is tapping to our summer plans) I’m Just Saying do school stuff on school time not during the summer vacation months. OKAY OK enough about that this is the cutest sticker kit I luv the Vacationey/Patriotic feel that it has going on (like how I’m just making up my own words right) lol 🙂  

Like I said no info. on the kit but the washi came from Hobby Lobby when they had their 50% off sale a few weeks back. I hope you like it leave comment below.

As Always Happy Planning/Crafting 

July 10th-16th Weekly Spread

July 3rd week.jpg

Hell Planner Loverz, 

How are you on this Blessed Sunday that the Lord has giving us to share in???? As you can see I’m still feeling Patriotic but I did add a ship,vacation, cruise feel to the page this week. I like the way it turned out I have more white space on this spread but I have lots going on so I felt the need to leave a little more white this time. On this spread you will find washi from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

(NAUTICAL PLANNER STICKERS the name was cut off but I do have this for you VintageGlam Studio

Ok all I have to get out of here yes last minute getting my post together LOL 🙂

As Always Scrap Craft & Laugh 🙂



Weekly July spread

Good morning All.
How are you I hope all is well.
Late post do I’m going to get right to it.


Side bar is scrapbook paper 12X12 by Recollections. This is a mo white space spread. Very nice 4TH of JULY kit.