Planner Change

Hello Planner Peeps,

Whats up whats up what up! 🙂 (what show is that from)? me and my trivia right 😛

OKAY guys so I told you that I made a little change…did something different in my planner and here it is. You know how you have the page before your month begins and it has

  • Sep. Birthdays 
  • Special Events 
  • Important Dates 
  • This Month 
  • Sep Gaols 
  • Don’t Forget

Ok great so there are some months when I used that page because I had a lot of B-days and others things going on slike celebrations. Hummm the month of June not so much I mean we had Family Vacation going on but that’s about it (4 special things & event blah blah blah) So I guess my question to you is what do you do with that page ? Well here’s what I did with it for the month of July (my Anniversary falls in the month of July).


Super sorry that this Pic is so blurry but I’ve taking it 3 times 😦 any-who I covered it up I only left the top month’s visible to see the before month the month that we are in and the month after. ok there you have it AS ALWAYS SCRAP CRAFT AND LAUGH