Planner Spread

Hello my Planner Lovelies;

How was your weekend? What did you do? Come on now tell me what’s going with you (yes I really want to know) 🙂

Well I tell you how my weekend was not to bad but I had to work all weekend :/

I mean I’m happy to have my job (don’t get me wrong) but all I really wanted to do was play in my planner. IJS I’m keeping it real with you guys NO I didn’t want to go to the GYM but I did. Didn’t want to cook, clean, wash, iron, none of that.

OKAY I’m getting it together…. I really N-joy doing this page (YES I KNOW IT’S FATHER’S DAY ON THE 19TH) but this spread come-on now it’s Fabulous. So last week I told you that it was my first using almost a hole kit. Well this spread I used a hole kit every little sticker (no white space) it had is on my spread. Normally I’m like no I don’t like that look but I saw that PINK & BLUE together with Tiffany on the pages & I couldn’t say NO so I tried it out and this is what came out of it.

Free Printable’s this kit didn’t have a name on the sheet & I can’t remember where I downloaded it (sorry guys)

I hope you like it because I LOVE it