Washi Tape Rehab

Hello hello hello….
OMG I couldn’t wait to share with you all, So I’m in this planner group that’s so awesome the ladies their are so sweet. Here we go one of the ladies showed of a pic maybe a week ago of all this Washi that was on Clarence for $1.00 from $3.99😱😮. To good to be true I know that’s how it always is for me. I’m like I’ am so jealous now like where did you find all that Washi for that price??? She says AC Moore I Google not one near more NOT ONE! Okay so now my wheels are turning I’m about to go on vacation can I find one there. YES YES YES there is one 5 miles from my resort (oh thank you GOD)😄:D:mrgreen:☺;):)😍. I found Wal-Mart, Ac Moore, and Michales….