Weekly Spread June/July

July 1st week.jpg

Good Morning Planner Lovers,

I hope you are having a great and peaceful morning. Here’s a look at my weekly spread before the ink touches the page. I have a lot of white space on this layout, but I have to say I like the way that it came out. I wish the creator of this kit would have left their info. at the bottom I like to give credit to those that make the kits. (I’m not trying to take credit for anyone’s work) They create the sticker sheets and I create the spread/layout with it afterwards 🙂 Any-Who if the creator happens to see my post please feel free to reach to  me and give me your link so that I can be sure to share it with those that also wish to create something beautiful with your sticker kit. 

At the buttom on the right hand corner that’s a piece of scrapbook paper from a paper pad that I picked up from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. 

That’s it for this Weekly Spread As Always Happy Planning/Crafting

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Monthly Spread


Hello Happy Planners

Here’s a view of my monthly spread on 2 pages in my Happy Planner. Lite on the stickers and decorations for the monthly view.  The things I used to decorate this layout; the squares that have the 4th of July and celebrate on them that’s scrapbook paper from a paper pad that I picked up from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. The blue star washi is from Hobby Lobby, the thin red and blue washi is from Michael’s recollection, red polka dot washi is also from Michael’s. The holiday stickers flags are recollections yeah all the stickers on this page is from the recollection collection. The flip flop sticker in the upper left hand corner is from a a kit and the red strip under that is a red piece of cardstock also from Michael’s.

Okay that’s about it for this spread, Hope you ENjoyed it

As Always Happy Planning/Crafting


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Happy Mail (Planner Swap)

Howdy howdy howdy 🙂 Heyyyyy Planner lovelie

What’s going on how’s your week coming along? I feel like my week is getting away from me. I can’t keep up I have so much going on right now for it to be Summer Vacation the kids are still keeping me super dang busy… what’s up with that???

Get over it right… I know I’m back I got it together LMBO!!! 🙂

Ok so as you all know by now my color is PINK!!! I just can’t help myself. Look at this yummy cuteness my planner Buddy sent to me don’t get me wrong there’s more but I’m just so in ❤ love with this



It’s the closer for my planner it just all things Girlie & Pink 🙂

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Planner Change

Hello Planner Peeps,

Whats up whats up what up! 🙂 (what show is that from)? me and my trivia right 😛

OKAY guys so I told you that I made a little change…did something different in my planner and here it is. You know how you have the page before your month begins and it has

  • Sep. Birthdays 
  • Special Events 
  • Important Dates 
  • This Month 
  • Sep Gaols 
  • Don’t Forget

Ok great so there are some months when I used that page because I had a lot of B-days and others things going on slike celebrations. Hummm the month of June not so much I mean we had Family Vacation going on but that’s about it (4 special things & event blah blah blah) So I guess my question to you is what do you do with that page ? Well here’s what I did with it for the month of July (my Anniversary falls in the month of July).


Super sorry that this Pic is so blurry but I’ve taking it 3 times 😦 any-who I covered it up I only left the top month’s visible to see the before month the month that we are in and the month after. ok there you have it AS ALWAYS SCRAP CRAFT AND LAUGH 


I was MIA :(

Hello Crafty 2 my Crafty World 

How are you?,  I hope all is well that you have a wonderful week & weekend. Now that you are off to another Fabulous week I pray that it’s starting off Blessed and full of Joy!

So I know that I’ve been gone for a few days sorry about that , but as you may know the kids are on summer vacations so it’s Go Go Gadget for us around here (where is that from) tick tock tick tock….. lol 

Any-who I’m back and I have a few things to share with you this week. I tried something different with my planner. I would like to know what you think about it; I mean I used it a few time but there were more time that I didn’t use it.

Well I wanted to come and chat with you all for a minute to let my peeps know that I’m still here.


Planner Spread

Hello my planner buddies how are you?
I hope all is well. I hope you had a fabulous weekend and that your week is going well. I’m off to a very late start this week my week was much busier than I anticipated. So this spread is coming to you at the end of the week hope you don’t mind…. :mrgreen:
I’m back to my beach theme this week because the family is going on another beachy vacation.

As always happy planning


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Planning-Crafty Space

Happy Tuesday 🙂

Good morning and How are you?, I hope all is well with you and that you are N-Joying the day and making a Great start to your week! I have so many things that I need to do, So many thing that I want to do is more like it. Just doesn’t seem like I have enough hours in my day to Nothing with a side of Nothing but play in my planner.

I know I just can’t help myself. I’m on the look out for a PAA (Planner Addicted Association) but I haven’t found one yet I’ll look again next month LMBO!!!

I know your like where in the world does she come up with this craziness it’s all in y head 🙂 Okay so I need a new look in my space and I have no idea what I want to do with it. I just can’t make up my mind I mean the color is there but that’s about it…PINK, BLACK, WHITE, maybe a splash of silver or gold have to lay it all out to see what it looks like.

As for now I’m bored with my space….HELP ME

Part of my work space
My crafty cart holds some of my go 2 stuff
some of my scrapbook paper glues and glitter paints 
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Planner Spread

Hello my Planner Lovelies;

How was your weekend? What did you do? Come on now tell me what’s going with you (yes I really want to know) 🙂

Well I tell you how my weekend was not to bad but I had to work all weekend :/

I mean I’m happy to have my job (don’t get me wrong) but all I really wanted to do was play in my planner. IJS I’m keeping it real with you guys NO I didn’t want to go to the GYM but I did. Didn’t want to cook, clean, wash, iron, none of that.

OKAY I’m getting it together…. I really N-joy doing this page (YES I KNOW IT’S FATHER’S DAY ON THE 19TH) but this spread come-on now it’s Fabulous. So last week I told you that it was my first using almost a hole kit. Well this spread I used a hole kit every little sticker (no white space) it had is on my spread. Normally I’m like no I don’t like that look but I saw that PINK & BLUE together with Tiffany on the pages & I couldn’t say NO so I tried it out and this is what came out of it.

Free Printable’s this kit didn’t have a name on the sheet & I can’t remember where I downloaded it (sorry guys)

I hope you like it because I LOVE it 



A little something, something

Howdy planner peeps,
Not much to say but I wanted to show off a little something something (as U can C by the title) I’ve be eyeing them for a while but saying too myself-self what are you going to use them for? After a few conversations self responded who knows/cares but their cute and I want them. So here they are :mrgreen::D😄


Their little PINK draw knobs


Sunday chat

Good morning Planner Lovelies,
Happy Sunday to you all. I don’t have much going on today (yeah right) lol but I have to work so no church for me. Any-who I wanted to share the covers I just made for my planner. Very simple but I like the color (crazy enough cuz I’m a PINK LADY) all day let’s see who caught that 😄 I know I’m a mess and even take myself sometimes. So here’s the pic’s tell me what you think.