Bling Cap & gown Hat

Hello and Good morning to you all;

How you doing (in my Wendy Williams voice LMBO!) any-who I have something to share that has nothing to do with Planners as you can see from the title.

Check out this Hat that I bling-ed out for a friend simple yet cute. I hope you enjoy the pic and be sure to tell me what you think.

Blinged Cap&gown Hat.jpg



Planner Weekly Layout

Good morning,

Hello out there in Planner Land… I hope you all had a Wonderful and Blessed weekend.  As for me I had to work (double shifts) over the weekend but it’s all good when you work in a place that you LOVE like the Crating store 🙂

Any-who let’s get down to this called Planner week…LOL this week is very simple (before the ink)I have a few things going on with the kids & preparing for up coming vacation so I had to leave lots of white space. So here you have it. can’t wait to see what you have for the week.

Happy Planning May week 4.jpg

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Weekly Planner Layout

Good Morning, #PlannerLovers

I hope all is well and you are having a wonderful day& blessed weekend. Any-who let’s get down to get. Here’s a look at my weekly layout for the dates of May 16th-22nd 2016.

My layout is a little different this week one side of the week is in one color and the other side in another color. I didn’t plan it that way it just started happening that way and I keep with it… I hope you like it and be sure to tell me what you think. Blue on your left and Pink on your right, This week I added some water bottles stickers to keep track of how much water I’m drinking.

May week 3.jpg




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Good Afternoon Happy Planners 🙂

(yes a change in my greeting) Here  is a look into week 2  from the month of May 2016. Clean and clear with no writing so that you can see a nice fresh and clean looking spread. HERE YOU GO be sure to tell me what you think about the layouts.

May week 2.jpg

May week 2.5.jpg

2 pages just wanted you to be able to see the 2nd page with out the Happy journaling card lying on top of pg. 2 THERE YOU GO!!




#PLanner Lifer

Good morning Scrapin Scraperz,

How are you on this Thursday ? I hope well we are almost there (where you ask) at the end of the week 🙂 !!

Any-who who today you will see my week 1 spread. Still using the purple as my main color for my designs in the month of May. Giving a little bit of spring decor on this page. My page is a little busy but I hope that you’ll be able to see the forest from the trees 🙂 I like to see what you weekly spreads look like for the first week of May.

Enough chatter here comes the photos… hahahah

May week 1.jpg


Planner View

Hello & Good morning Crafty Crafters,
Today I’ll show my month on two pages for May 2016. I wanted to show it too you before I insert all of my monthly task. I stuck with the purple they had going already but added a colour or two, 2 put my stamp on the creation ;)…. enjoy


My lighting sucks….


Monday #PlannerLife

Good morning Scrapin Scraperz,
I hope all is well and you had a wonderful weekend. I did a mini haul @ Michael’s they had a few things that I didn’t have in my stash :mrgreen:.


Stickers & Lables


Fitness pack & Minnie stickers


Washi & Stamps
Sorry for the bad lighting.I hope you enjoyed my haul photos.