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I hope that your day has stared well and that it will end up Awesome!!!

So I wanted to share with you my recycle pages… You know how you get your #Planners sometimes and months have already past.Your not sure what to do with the pages that you feel are now a waste or you just decide to use them to write your notes on. Well  I have a trick for you never waste a month in your #Planner again. Do what I do re-purpose those pages…. here’s how

So this is the month of July all I did was covered up the month I’m going to use stickers to write out January 2017 at the top and I’m going to put the little date dots over the numbers so that I can change the dates and keep moving on…

That going to be January 2017 and February 2017  I hope this idea helps, Let me know what you do with your unused months…


DIY Photo Box

Hello Scrapin Scraperz,

I hope all is well and your enjoying your day. So I’m going to jump right in today … I saw this video on FB and thought I can do that and boy was I right it took all of 60-seconds once  I got all the supplies together. Don’t get me wrong the supply list is very short and I’m sure you have a few lying around your house/home.

Here is the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/cleverly.me/videos (Got an old CD case lying around? You won’t believe what you can make with it!)

So I made one of my own and my daughter took it from 🙂

What do you think???




Good evening Scrapin scraperz,
I know it’s a late post but I wanted to check in on everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend… Anything new happened fid you get your planner yet? If so I can’t wait to see what your doing in your planner. Be sure to tag me in your b post.

Can’t wait to show you some tricks and tips for your planners.

As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh

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Planner Layout’s

Good morning Scrapin Scraperz,

Hello and Happy Sassy Saturday; I hope all is well and that your off to a wonderful start of your day-weekend. Today I will show off a page from my #HappyPlanner. If your using the #HappyPlanner let’s see what your doing in your planner this weekend. tag me in your post OK on with the photos 🙂



My birthday week


That Planner Life

DSCN1468.JPGGood morning Scrapin Scraperz,

Happy Hump Day:) I hope that you all are off to a great start.

So today I’m sharing a month on 2 page planner spread. I hope that you like it.

By the way I’m doing a #PlanneEvent  on Thursday April 21, 2016 from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm So excited about it I can’t wait to share my love of planning, keeping organized, with a touch of scrap-booking OH the #CraftyLife


Happy Sunday

Good morning,

Scrapin Scraperz I hope all is well,

Can you believe that it’s already Spring Time in the City 🙂 There’s been so much going on in our house.  Spring break mini Vaca’s and of course the month of APRIL has loads of birthdays in it; mine included. So with all of that I have been away from the PC for a while but never away from my camera capturing the moments that make this life GRAND!!!

I put together a few things & would like to share with you. photos will follow soon…