Good afternoon Scrapin Scraperz,

As you can plainly see/ tell by now my uploading issues are still issues. I really need to get my laptop fixed because that’s where all of my work is. (Yes I do back things up on my external drive).

Any-who my videos are day to day on the things that I’m creating, doing or the Happy Mail that I would love to share with you. I thank you so very much for being patient and hanging in there with me with. Believe you me this is more then I truly care to have to deal with every day every time I want to upload a video for you guys.

OK OK I guess I have vented enough and now it’s time o find out what my next step is in solving this problem. Oh guess what I saw a sign saying computer repairs on my way here (where I am) typing this hahhahah. I have to laugh or I’m going to loose it…… Bye 4 now