AM Chatter

So it’s 1:57am and I’ wide awake like some kinda teeny bopper 🙂 

Last night I was up until 5:30am took a cat nap because that’s what it felt like and I was back up at 6:50am to get my little BIG man on the bus.

I mean I had to make myself lie down I have no idea why ever so often I go thur this staying up all time of the night.

THE worst thing of all is that I’m not crafting, I’m on Youtube watching crafting videos. Then i have to venture over to the land of makeup i just can’t help myself… By the way i was up watching HSN did you know that they did like a ll night crafting show. I think it came on at 2am and it was still on just a little while ago.  Of course you know I’m going to turn off the DVD player to see if it’s still on hahahahaha!

Any-who I guess I’m going to have myself a cup of Lemon/jasmine tea and try to take it down.