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Hello Scrapin Scraperz, 

I hope all is well. I know you guys are like where have you been? I was MIA for a little while I was sick :(. Any-who I’m feeling much better now. Trying to get my Holiday card made so that they can go out on time. 
Also getting the Holiday Layout done for others & I’m doing Holiday mini albums so it’s a lot going on but GOD’s willing i will get it all done they will look awesome and people will be happy. 
I’m checking out some new things getting fresh ideas. I need to post some pictures and upload some video clips. 
Im going to get better with this video thing…. 
Ok don’t let Testy Tuesday get you continue to PUSH thru!

As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh 



Hello All,
Here’s the video to the black pink and white mini album that I posted the other day.
Stop by and take a look, leave your questions and comment below
Thnx & In-joy

AM Chatter

So it’s 1:57am and I’ wide awake like some kinda teeny bopper 🙂 

Last night I was up until 5:30am took a cat nap because that’s what it felt like and I was back up at 6:50am to get my little BIG man on the bus.

I mean I had to make myself lie down I have no idea why ever so often I go thur this staying up all time of the night.

THE worst thing of all is that I’m not crafting, I’m on Youtube watching crafting videos. Then i have to venture over to the land of makeup i just can’t help myself… By the way i was up watching HSN did you know that they did like a ll night crafting show. I think it came on at 2am and it was still on just a little while ago.  Of course you know I’m going to turn off the DVD player to see if it’s still on hahahahaha!

Any-who I guess I’m going to have myself a cup of Lemon/jasmine tea and try to take it down.

Thoughts in my head…

Do anyone out there remember pen pals,  if so did you have one? Nothing like receiving a letter in the mail.  I even miss  messenger with AOL. (Whatever yes I said IM with AOL)…
Nothing to really do with crafting, or does it when you are a scrapbooker we try to journal on the layout to let the people know what went on that day or what we were thinking at that moment. 

Any-who what’s your thoughts would luv to hear from you?

As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh

Crafty chatter….

Well I’ve just finished making the tags for the Birthday Folio that I was working on.

I want to star on a 2 page layout but I know that I can’t finish it tonight so I’m not going to start.

I really hate when I start something and don’t finish it.

AnyWho enough of me b-in coo-coo crazy.  

I think I’m going to watch a few YouTube crafting videos and then head to bed…. with the hopes that my eyelids will close 🙂 


As Always Scrap Craft & Laugh