Good Morning/ Testy Tuesday

GM Scrapin Scraperz, 

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood  the birds are singing and the sun is shining brightly. So I have a question what does that mean to you?

Most people use it to say the day is beautiful  that they have no choice but to be happy. Do you think that the day looking beautiful outside and the sunny breeze coming thru; helps us Scrapin- Crafterz to make better or more awesome creations? Hummm just a thought it’s beautiful here and I would love to sit outside and scrapbook all at the same time…. that would make me more then happy 🙂 

STOP!!!! don’t go outside remeber your allergies are way too bad for you to sit in the yard and enjoy the weather and the birds. So i found myself sitting close to the window looking out and crafting all the same 🙂 maybe that was a little bit of that positive thinking going on here (just maybe) 

How true do you think this is or do you think is more of the positive think method? 

As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh 🙂