Internet/Computer not working :(

Hello and good evening Scrapin Scraperz;
It’s been a little while since I’ve posted or unloaded the
#layoutoftheday. My computer is running so slow it should be walking 🙂 (I know corny joke but I had to do it).

Any who on top of the PC acting up so is the intent.  My pages aren’t loading up I’m constantly receiving an error message that the server isn’t working.
Yes I have the app down loaded to my phone phone and my tablet but……. oh em gee. It’s just not the same is so hard to post on the tablet or the phone, before you know it you have misspell things and you already put the post out.

You could not imagine how long it took me to make this post from the tablet. You type it out and you end up with a mess then you speak the words it’s a mess. You should see some of the words that came up while I was doing this phone.
So that my sad story hopefully things will be better come Monday everything will be fixed if not you guys I have no idea what I’m going to do…

As Always Scrap Craft & Laugh