Hello Scrapin Scraperz,

How  are you doing on this Blessed Tues?,

I hope that you all have a wonderful and food filled  weekend.

I’ve been a little busy lately and for some strange reason my desk top is not working properly I have no idea what the heck is going on…. So I guess it’s time to take it in to be serviced

Any-who that’s all folks


As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh


Good Afternoon Scrapin Scraperz,

So everyone by now knows that Thursday are TBT (Throw Back Thursdays) but today I feel a little different so I’m going with a little sharing on today…

You know we see lots while on the web here are a few things that I’ve seen. So LIKE this



As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh

GM….peepz I’m telling you I feel awesome, I can’t really explain it the peace and gettyness feeling. It’s crazy sounding I know but I feel it bubbling in my spirit, belly, around my heart….it’s just a wonderful and joy-est feeling like I’m going to bust at the seams & I THINK I LIKE IT OH YA!

Hello Scrpaerz,

I just had to share so I’m sitting watch TV and saying to myself… Self the house is quit let’s get some crafting done.  I turn the television off and heading to get things I need to craft; all of a sudden I start smiling real hard and began to laugh out loud… now I’m running thru the house and clapping.  I start singing this song (of course I’m changing the words to fit) but the song comes out of No where.


I feel a peace over me that you just cannot buy….

Scrap Craft & Laugh Alwayz

Good Morn-Ting

Hello Scrapin Scraperz, 

It’s me Scrapin2012…. How are you? 

It’s Tuesday right because right now I don’t think that I know LOL 🙂 I went to bed late and woke up  2 early but I WOKE UP and for that I am Thankful. 

The day is off to an OK start I feel like I got punk’d tho I order something off-line that said OH you only pay this $ and we will send you (that) and in the smallest print they can find they write something else that I saw attached to my credit card this morning….. With this FREE KIT that we send you that automatically enrolls you as a member and that cost is $29.00 a month. OK so I guess the jokes on me and I’ll take that but when you are charging me for things that so far looks like you can get from the Dollar Store or out of the Dollar Bin at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. 

So that’s my mess for the day but I’m going to L.I.G.it that simply means (Let It Go) but I don’t think that I will be placing in more order online…. the one time that I say it’s only a few bucks 😦 

As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh 


Happy Monday

Good Afternoon Scrapin Scraperz, 

How are you after the wonderful Mothers Day you had? I know that I’m feeling great i had an awesome night with my kids hubby and my son’s girlfriend. If the blessing of spending the evening with the family: my son & girlfriend took me to Ihop this morning we had lots of fun they are so silly. 

Anywho it’s Monday and normally I would be doing this and that but today i’m just chilling and being a mom. Today I’m going to do a little relax a little do a little chill a little I’m going to try real hard not to take this day to seriously. 

Happy Monday

As Always Scrap Craft & Laugh 

Happy Mothers Day

Good afternoon Scrapin Scraperz,
I hope that you all are doing well and you are being pampered from head to toe,  with food and all kinds of goodies.
Make today great if your mom is living be sure to give her a
call. If you guys are not on speaking terms forgive….
If you area mom and you’ve lost a child a few special hugs and prayers.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh

As Alwayz Scrap Craft & Laugh