My Monday Madness

Hello Crafty Crafterz,

I hope that I’m finding you in great health and the comfort of someone/somewhere special. As you can probably imagine the Spring Break is now over and the kids are back to school. Which means it’s time to get back to the routine of getting the kids off  to school and the hubby off to work. With the hopes that I can have a minute to chill, throw some clothes in the wash and off to my crafting room.

You know that, that never happened right Monday was just that Mad and crazy. I went from one store to the next today picking up something from here something from there…weeeh Can you believe in all of this craziness I only picked up one (1) I say little something for crafting a sheet of embellishments (nuts right) I know I know I can believe it myself.

Never the less I manage to get some very important things done for the house and family but; some how I didn’t get to do anything important for me (like crafting) how suckie is that.

So I have made myself a deal to do nothing before I sit my self do at my desk and get at least a little craft, card making, scrapbooking, something related to the crafting community DONE!!!  Well that was my Monday Madness I hope hat you enjoy taking a ride on my life roller coaster 🙂

See you on the crafty side

As Alwayz Scrap, Craft & Laugh