Tell All Tuesday


So here we go this is all that you have to do is…chat about one of the best, exciting, wonderful, or fabulous things that happened to you over the weekend. See…. I told you not scary at all.

  1. Did you go out on Friday night  with the ladies?
  2. Stay in with the hubby & kids?
  3. Saturday night at the restaurant make hanging a lounge?
  4. Movie day/night Game day/night?
  5. Sunday church service, quite morning in, home getting that Sunday meal going?

Sunday was awesome for us did you see that picture that I put of the wonderful 4 layer cake? Okay well we had a few people over to the house, and they brought some goodies and that cake was one of the goodies. We played games one of my favorite games Phase10 we laughed, joked, and so much more.

Anyhoo enough about me can’t wait to hear how your weekend went…

I think this is going to be fun, fun, fun,!

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Happy shopping 🙂


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  1. Good evening all, So I am going to take this time share my Tell All. Sunday my family had a few people over to our home. Two couples and their families from our church came over. We had an awesome time of fellowship, around laughter, food, games, and more. Yesterday I posted a pic of a cake wow that cake was so yummy, & that’s my Tell All about my weekend.


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