The Church Virtual Bible Study 3/19/2014 @7pm

I can be here and still be in my PJ’s I’m LOVING#VirtualBibleStudy

feel free to join us tonight

feel free to join us tonight


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  1. “Dealing with Rejection & Abandonment”

    when you are dealing with this you feel the need to try to put everyone else on point. When you can take corrective criticism, No one else is right, you have so much pride.
    Every Time anything happens you are quick to state I knew that was going to happen, etch. These things stem from your own rejection and abandonment.
    When you have a spouse that person get’s it 1st hand the more you do things to not be rejected by that person, you often do thing (unknowingly) that would make that other person want to reject the issue not you.
    One of the things that open the doors for the demonic to come in: is traumatic emotional moments. There are wounds on your body that you can see but you also have wounds on your spirit/soul the one that you can not see.

    Numbers 33:50-54
    Exodus 23:38-30

    Things that can help you with these issues:
    Psalms 139:8 ~no matter where you are GOD is there~
    Hebrews 13:5 ~GOD say’s I will never leave you nor will I forsake you~

    God show me who has made it out of rejection and abandonment
    (from scripture) ….David
    1st Samuel 22:1-2
    Ask GOD to come in and heal you

    Notes from tonight ‪#‎VirtualBibleStudy‬


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