Your Week

Hello Scrapin Scraperz,

How are you today?  TGIF what has your week been about in the area of Scrapin/Crafting. Have you taken any pictures that tell about something that happened this week. Was there something special that happened with the kids or any family this week that you just had to journal about.

Okay well I’ll tell you what happened to me this week my little one lost not 1 but 2 teeth this week. He was very happy about it and he had so many questions. When is the tooth fairy come how, & why can’t she come now.  Then after she came and went he wants to know WHY mommy did she take my teeth and when is she going to bring them back. Be clear he is not looking to give her the money back if she brings back the teeth LOL!

This week was simple but something Great came out of it for our family my little one lost his teeth. It’s not much but great mile stone in our family and something to scrap about. 🙂

Have a Great weekend…

~As always Happy Scrapin~