Picking & Placing

Good Morning, Scrapin Scraperz

I hope that you had restful night; now that everyone is where they belong (work and school) we can began.
Today I want to get you going with something simple selecting your pictures and the page you want to put them on. Some say that you pull the colors from whats in the photos. Others say fly by the seat of your pants (LOL) some of us are dancing lightly around the middle. Which ever one you want to be is alright with me. That’s 1 of the great things about crafting is all your own>>>>

I will show a few layouts, some that are done and others that we can finish together.

Remember to put your comments at the bottom so that we can make the best of this together (learning and growing) our creative ideas.

What do you like or dislike about the layouts that you see here? what can you take away from any thing that you see on this page?

Okay let’s get going what questions do you have about any of the photos or layouts that you see here?