Video>>> Craft Shopping Black Sat.

Hello Scrapin Scraperz,

This video is not showing up I talked to a friend she said that her Blog is not working. I still trying to get this out to you I feel like it something that you can use.

I will do my best as always to bring you the goods

Happy Scrapin



Scrapin Ideas

Hello Scrapin Scraperz,

How are you I hope all is well. I’m not feeling so great for the past few days. SORRY that I have not brought you the goods.

So here’s what I have for you tell me what you are up to lately. Show off your work I would like to see how your layouts are coming along.

I have a challenge for us, all to do with the Christmas Season..


Craft Shoppin Black Sat.

Hello Scrapin Scraperz,

So tell me did you go shopping on Black Friday and if so what great things did you find? Where do you think the best deals were (are). The store that you shopped  at on yesterday did they really have DOOR BUSTER sale?

I’ve been watching the store near me to see just what kind of sales they were going to have. So far so good not to bad I mean there is 1 store that is running the same sale that I told you guys about a few days ago so to me that’s not a Black Friday Sale!

Now here’s my plan I’m on my way out to look around to see if there is anything that’s calling to me that says I just have to buy it. I already know that everything will be calling my name because i want everything LOL….

I’ll be back with all the goods..


ThanksGiving Photos

Hello Scraperz,

I know that yesterday was Thanksgiving and we ate and spent time with friends, family, those dear and near and others we a happy to only see once a year LMBO!
Never the less I hope that you had your cameras, and phones out take all the pictures that you could. Those will help to make a wonderful Holiday page or book.

So let’s see I took pictures of all the food that I cooked and cakes pies family game time and so much more. Now I can’t wait to get them out of the camera and on to a page.

I’m waiting to hear from you and see what things you are getting started on or finishing up.

happy Black Friday


A Scrapi-e Check In

Hello Scrapin Scraperz,

I hope that you are off to a great week, OK so it’s Monday and the kids are home on Holiday vacation. I’m hoping to get some great pictures of the kids and family this week (I hope that you will be doing the same).

So I started making a few Christmas Cards and Christmas Tags. I plan to make a video on how I did the tags I know that you will be here to see. (and I thank you in advance)

Don’t forget that my crafting classes start at Hobby Lobby real soon. Please don;t forget to reg. for the class online 1st.

Any who I just wanted to see how you were doing to day with hopes that you will show off some of your work.

OKAY… scrap~U~ later


Scrap/Crafting Classes

Hello Scrapin Scraperz I want to tell you my good news I have a Scrap/Crafting Classes at Hobby Lobby. You know what that means RIGHT! if you are in the area stop by and let’s create together. It’s going to be so much fun we can make Christmas cards or Christmas invites (to your Xmas Party). New Years Party invitations, seating cards it’s so many GREAT things that we can do. Guess what I will be taking ideas from the group things that you would like to see happen. (what do you think about that) We can work on multi picture pages or a single picture page yes yes yes there is a big difference. You need can add more embellishments when you only have one picture and a lot less embellishments when there is multiple pictures on the page. Any who we will go  over all of that. No that will not stop the Bloggs from coming;… then we can Blogg about our classes together. OK now that the classes are set and ready to go I went in Hobby Lobby to look around and behold they had a 50% off on all the card stock you know I had a filled day right. Maybe I will do a video on some of the things that I picked up

Create Make & Take Class

Crafting/Scraping at Hobby Lobby
with Katrina
Come join me for a Create Make & Take Class
On Saturdays from 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Register for your class today bring a friend
·      Each class is  $20.00
·      When you book 4 classes at a time you will receive a 10% discount
·      Supplies for these classes are not included
If you have any question and to register please contact your instructor.
Katrina Hines
See you there
875 Lawrenceville Suwanee Road #1000
Lawrenceville,GA 30043
Store Phone:770-963-5241
Nov. 24/2012
Dec. 1/2012
Dec. 8/2012
Dec. 22/2012
Dec. 29/2012 This is a introductory price


Scrap/Crafting Ideas

Hello Scrapin Scraperz,

How are you, fine I hope? Did you dream about something that you want to create for today? That’s so funny because so did.

  1. Let me ask you a few questions do you like using stickers on you layouts and why?
  2. What about ribbons
  3. maybe journal notes (you can buy or make them)

No worries they are all great ideas. I just wanted to know what you like and maybe which one you like better?
So guys to day is Thursday and I have a little challenge for you. Let us all create a layout about the Fall Season.
*then we can take pictures of them and post
*we need to have them available by Sat. noon time 12PM



    Picking & Placing

    Good Morning, Scrapin Scraperz

    I hope that you had restful night; now that everyone is where they belong (work and school) we can began.
    Today I want to get you going with something simple selecting your pictures and the page you want to put them on. Some say that you pull the colors from whats in the photos. Others say fly by the seat of your pants (LOL) some of us are dancing lightly around the middle. Which ever one you want to be is alright with me. That’s 1 of the great things about crafting is all your own>>>>

    I will show a few layouts, some that are done and others that we can finish together.

    Remember to put your comments at the bottom so that we can make the best of this together (learning and growing) our creative ideas.

    What do you like or dislike about the layouts that you see here? what can you take away from any thing that you see on this page?

    Okay let’s get going what questions do you have about any of the photos or layouts that you see here?

    Creative Juices Following

    Hello Scrapin Scraperz So let’s chat…. Sometimes when your crafting it takes a little time for your juices to get flowing so here are a few things that you can do.

    • I never watch TV and create
    • Sometime time I listen to some soft Jazz or Praise & Worship music (whatever works for you)
    • There are other times when I need nothing but silents
    • Sometimes I play scraping videos in the back ground (I can look over and see something New)

    Don’t panic if when yo sit down to craft nothing comes to you right away. So day s ideas are falling out of your heads others day you want and need to craft and it takes a few minutes to get it just the way you want it…we all been there. So if you have any question for me please commment in the box, I look forward to hearping your comments.